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Hernandez Martial Arts 510-487-3790


Character Development

Teens & Adults

Hernandez Martial Arts offers educational programs to its community members that has transcended far beyond just the physical attributes of the martial arts. Rather, focusing on "Common Sense Before Self-Defense," while developing students from the "Inside Out" through Instilling Essential Character and Values so children can do Better in School, Behave Better at Home and Attain the Skills Neccessary to be Successful in Life.

Hernandez Martial Arts has transformed the lives of thousands of children and adults alike through our exclusive Character Development Program for Kids, "Kids R' Capable" and our Award Winning, Teen and Adult Traditional Martial Art Program.

More notably, Hernandez Martial Arts is known for its FREE, 30 Day Trial Programs, its Family Atmosphere, Child Advocates and the "go to" source for many professionals ranging from Teachers and Counselors to Parents, Grandparents, Doctors and Psychologists in order to "Enhance," "Improve," "Modify" or "Transform" the lives of children.

Hernandez Martial Arts is the longest running Martial Arts School in Union City, providing services to Union City and its surrounding residents for over 30 years.